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Maki Hashiri [OC] by xRedxMoonx Maki Hashiri [OC] :iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 59 0
Emotions Challenge: Triumph [Sosuke Yamazaki]
Your lips were stretched into a wide smile, your eyes shone with their own light. As the many people who had witnessed the race, you walked down the harrows and strutted over to congratulate the winners.
You were immediately spotted, picked up in bridal style and hugged by them. His heart clenched at the sight, at the realization.
Sosuke had never been one to express his feelings so openly, had always plastered a serious look—almost a void gesture—on his face as to avoid being cornered by those who loved to gossip so much. He held a calm character within, difficult to irritate—disturb even. 
Nevertheless, as their arms held you close to them, something in his soul broke and so did his façade.
He had lost—both the race and you.
His hands clenched into fists; fingers intertwined as they lay in front of him. His droopy, teal eyes casted down to stare at one particular spot in the ground, and then fluttered closed as the cheering kept on. His hair was stil
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 23 3
Chapter XVI [Solitude || Naruto Fanfic]
     It was dark when she opened her eyes, finally regaining conscience after who-knows-how-many days. Dim light slipped in through the closed window—the only one in the room—, through which she could catch a glimpse of the street spreading itself beyond the hospital and the small shops located at its sides. There was no soul walking by; no sight of the usual merriment in which the city drowned every morning—just the occasional man stumbling across the pavement, too intoxicated to stand on his feet.
     Drifting her gaze to the clock hanging on the wall by the door, Rei hummed in understanding. It was way past midnight, hence the lack of people on the streets.
     With sleepy eyes, she gave one last glance at her surroundings before closing them, too tired to feel aware of the situation. But an alarm seemed to set off somewhere in her mind, warning her about a potential threat, and she shot up from bed.
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 4 0
A complicated friendship. by xRedxMoonx A complicated friendship. :iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 49 13
Savior || Sasuke Uchiha
It was a morning like any other; the sun glowed high up and the breeze blew softly. Konoha had long ago awakened, and the streets were overflowed by its villagers. There was permanent, joyful atmosphere surrounding the big city. The dark times were long gone, and the figure of Minato Namikaze remained as a statue made of stone above them, constantly watching over the people he had saved some years back.
There, within the area belonging to one of the most powerful families, a couple of kids seemed to be playing. However, when looked closely, it was obvious only one of them was actually having fun.
You grinned mischievously at Sasuke, whose face was adorned with the tinniest of the pouts. You found it cute; how the boy got frustrated so easily, that’s it. You two had been trying to show off what you had been learning at the Academy – which wasn’t much considering the age you had. Nevertheless, Sasuke had finally gotten annoyed by the fact that you, surprisingly, had man
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 25 2
Rei Koizumi and Maki Hashiri (OCs) by xRedxMoonx Rei Koizumi and Maki Hashiri (OCs) :iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 32 3
Emotions Challenge: Loyalty [Jumin Han]
Jumin woke up with a headache. After spending the whole night thinking about reasons not to meet his father for lunch, he had come to the conclusion it was unavoidable. So much it annoyed him to be forced to meet yet another girlfriend of his; those women were always too shallow, never looking past his wealth.
The young heir rubbed his sins, as an attempt to get rid of the intense pain. Heaving a sigh, he stood from the warmth provided by his king bed and started to make his way to the kitchen. There was no sight of his beautiful cat as he walked down the corridor, and it worried him; usually, Elisabeth the 3rd would be following him around.
At the sound of giggles, Jumin stopped dead in his tracks.
“You look so beautiful today, Elly.”
His body relaxed upon hearing your voice. It was something common for you to be in his house; after recognizing the worship you showed towards the most important thing in his life –his cat–, he had given you full access to hi
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 48 2
Chapter XV [Solitude || Naruto Fanfic]
     He was exuberant; that was for sure. One had to be blind not to see his wide grin and shining eyes as he regarded the girl before him—he was so eager he could’ve exploded.
     Rei, on the other hand, remained stoic. She had never been one to believe in karma, but such situation was too funny to call it causality. Her luck had run out, she thought as she remembered the countless times she had turned down the boy’s requests to spar with him. And now, she couldn’t help but curse her lack of enthusiasm—as Lee would say. Had she not run from each and every of those occasions, she would have a clue about his skills—and weaknesses, blind spots.
     Nonetheless, after some seconds, her lips turned slightly upwards. She was aware that he was just as clueless about her fighting style, and yet he was displaying such vehemence. Honestly, it was difficult not to find his antics amusing—and frustrating at t
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 3 3
Deep Thoughts. by xRedxMoonx Deep Thoughts. :iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 40 2 Meh. by xRedxMoonx Meh. :iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 42 0 Loneliness by xRedxMoonx Loneliness :iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 34 3
Song of the week

Always be with you
Walking on Cars
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 1 0
Emotions Challenge: Enchantment [Kuroko Tetsuya]
The library was quiet as usual, the silence that surrounded its walls was only interrupted by the swift movement of sheets of paper. And, per usual, the only vacant seat was the one in front of you. You were the typical student, one would say. However, there was an aura of deep concentration surrounding you every time you study. That was probably the reason people preferred to take another seat; even your friends had decided to move to the other side of the library, afraid that they would break your concentration.
Kuroko Tetsuya could only smile slightly when he spotted you at the end of the room. Your table was already filled with books, but he quietly walked over.
"Hello," was all he dared to say, his blue eyes staring down at your crouched form.
Almost instantly, you looked up. A polite smile broke on your face, before you made room for the adorable boy.
"Sorry, Tetsu, I hadn't seen you," you whispered as Kuroko took the seat in front of you.
Kuroko shook his head, and was about to
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 28 2
Rei + Naruto [KIDS] by xRedxMoonx Rei + Naruto [KIDS] :iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 17 0 Rei + Gaara [KIDS] by xRedxMoonx Rei + Gaara [KIDS] :iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 71 13
Emotions Challenge: Comfort [Takao Kazunari]
The referee signalled the end of the game between Shutoku and Rakuzan, soaking you to the bones with the painful truth. As manager of Shutoku, you could only stare at the scoreboard, prey to shock.
You had lost.
Your chest hurt as your heart clenched in agony as your eyes fell upon the defeated, crushed faces of your comrades–friends. Both teams bowed in thanks, before they slowly began to make their way back to the locker rooms. You turned around, thus giving your back to the court where your dreams had just been destroyed.
No. You couldn’t believe that was the end; after all the effort, the blood and sweat… it was hard to conceive such finale.
However, as much as the tears pressed against your eyes, you wouldn’t let them fall; if only to support them, to be their strength.
As you walked down the quiet hallways, their heads were down, their shoulders hunched. Some of them were already expressing just how devastated they all felt, and tears had soon started to b
:iconxredxmoonx:xRedxMoonx 16 4


I swear I can't stop myself when it comes to commisions. I'm always saying I'll wait some time to save money but-OH THESE DRAWINGS ARE SO KEWT I'M SO COMMISIONING THE ARTIST

It's a big problem I tell you.

funny gif by Luckygay

On another note, I got my inspiration back and am working on my fanfictions!

Don't forget to check the drawings of my OCs out, you can find them here:…
Thank you, writer's block, for making me wanna jump off a cliff. Can't say I've missed you. Ffs I just want to write something worthy and u g h feel like crap because no matter how much I do, I can't even open word to continue my stories. SEND INSPIRATION.
I miss writing a lot... can't wait to finish this week so I can go back home and relax. This job is absolutely killing me -- seriously, my kidneys are hurting so much rn I think I've fainted. 
I've decided to write a Rin Matsuoka fanfic. Like a five/six short chapters story.
Will start working on the drabbles/requests as soon as I'm back from holidays :) (Smile) 


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